Mi tierra–Homeland is a multimedia project designed to engage your students in informed discussions on immigration, cultural identity, Spanish in the United States, and human dignity through music, narrative, videos, and innovative classroom activities.

The work consists of 8 chapters, each containing a personal narrative by writer and singer-songwriter David Lindes that explores a facet of his experience as a first-generation Guatemalan immigrant. 

Each chapter is included in both Spanish and English, and is accompanied by an original song, deepening the narrative's power to engage, and the student's ability to understand the Latino immigrant experience through this intimate first-hand account.


Monthly Resources

All 8 chapters of the book / album with bilingual classroom activities, plus new content every month in the areas of Artes, Noticias, Español en EEUU, and Videos.

Educators: $29.99 / Year  

Students: $19.99 / Semester

Course Adoption

Adopt the book / album for your course. You'll get automatic membership to our monthly resources site, and your students can choose whether to purchase the work in print or digital formats. 

A turnkey curriculum solution.

Book Purchase

Purchase the book in digital or print format. Each copy includes all 8 personal narratives with their original songs. ​The education digital edition includes classroom activities for each chapter.

A stellar multimedia experience.


Monthly Resources

A fun-loving East LA band takes on the immigration debate with disarming vulnerability. 

ICE: El Hielo


By La Santa Cecilia

A New York lawyer rants against Spanish in public places, and the internet strikes back.

Schlossberg Rant & Fallout


Action & Reaction

Differences in content and language skew media reports on a murder investigation. 

The Murder of Mollie Tibbetts


Facts & Spin

A Venezuelan-born college student talks about the life she didn't live in her home country.

"Una vida...otra."


By Amanda León

Book & Activities

"Even when surrounded, always half alone / Always half a stranger, never home"

Never Home


Chapter, Song, & Activities

"Y aunque yo sea de otro lugar / También merezco la libertad."

Mi tierra


Chapter, Song, & Activities


If you have questions about the project or how to adapt it to your students' needs, we'd love to hear from you. We read every message and respond promptly. 

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