A collection of short videos perfect for classroom use in which first-generation Latino immigrants tell their own stories. From learning to make friends in a new culture, to feeling like you miss the life you might've had in your homeland, they address what's important to Latino immigrants in the U.S. today. 

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A Mexican millennial talks about his undocumented status, the American dram, and how to come to the U.S. "the right way." 

By Diego Joaquín Catalán, from México

Diego's Dream

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A music producer from Chihuahua talks about his family's many moves between the U.S. and Mexico, and how they affected his personality and ability to socialize.

By Hector David Escárzaga Martinez, from Chihuahua, Mexico

"I'm So Funny in Spanish!"

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A Venezuelan-born college student talks about the life she did not live in the country of her birth.

By Amanda León, from Venezuela

"Una vida...otra."